Activists Colouring Book

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Inspirational women colouring book, Activists: Volume 2.

Illustrated by Lily at Uwu Studio. After the success of the inspirational women collection, Lily decided to create a colouring book from the series of illustrations.

The phrase “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it” encapsulates the idea of this book perfectly.

Colouring is also extremely relaxing and a great form of mindfulness. So this book is for all ages, anyone and everyone. People who aren’t artists tend to avoid anything creative because they feel they “can’t do it”. I believe everyone can and should do art for its therapeutic benefits. But if lacking confidence this book is perfect. The art is already there, immerse yourself in colouring in the intricate patterns, and begin to feel your mind unwind.

It is also an educational tool, black history month seems sometimes tokenistic and should really be integrated all year round. So if you don’t know these amazing women, get to know them. Enjoy some mindful colouring and also absorb these women , google them, read their books and learn a little more about what you may not know.

Perfect treat for yourself or for a unique Christmas gift as the festive season is fast approaching!

10 A4 colouring pages plus cover

10 new illustrations to colour in

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