Tom's Studio Flourish Curve Calligraphy Pen, Straight

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The Flourish has been methodically planned to be the best of both form and function.  Feeling wonderful in the hand it's contoured body fits snuggly in the hand whilst giving you the perfect balance to write smoothly and precisely.

The Flourish is precision machined from a solid Aluminium bar meaning that it will last a lifetime and give you just the right amount of weight without feeling too heavy.

Each pen is fitted with a stainless steel ferrule (the part that the nib goes into).  These are 10X better and longer lasting than the original chrome style and can be replaced easily if they wear out (generally after years of use if cleaned properly).  The ferrule also fits all nibs big or small for effortless calligraphy in a jiffy.

Every pen is machined from solid metals on a lathe used for making fine watch and aerospace grade components, so you can be sure your pen will write perfectly for years and years to come.

Measures 160mm x 10mm (at the grip section) and weighs 19g and Comes in a beautifully crafted gift box.

Designed with the planet in mind. This pen is made from infinitely recyclable materials, such as brass and aluminium, which are easily separated (no glue or un-recyclable plastics here).

Each flourish pen has been dyed by hand, each and every one is as unique as you and your writing style!

Nib not supplied.

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