Fisher Space Pen, Cap-O-Matic, Raw Brass

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The Cap-O-Matic is a brass pen with a chrome, lacquered brass, or powdered coating. A durable pen with a tapered grip for easy holding and a pocket clip engraved with the wording ‘Space’ The creation of the Cap-O-Matic allowed Fisher Space Pen to offer the same technology used by astronauts, in a single hand activation but at a price that everyone can afford.

Produced in Nevada USA to exacting standards utilising Fisher’s tungsten carbide ballpoint and patented Thixotropic ink in a sealed, pressurised cartridge. Like all Fisher Space Pens, this pen will write in zero-gravity, upside down, underwater, over oil and grease, in -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit and three times longer than the average ballpoint pen.


  • Antimicrobial Raw Brass
  • Retractable pen with cap activation
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Sealed, pressurized cartridge means it will write three times longer than an average ballpoint pen
  • Refills in Blue available here or in Black here.

Composition: Brass
Finish: Antimicrobial Raw Brass
Length: 13.4cm
Cartridge: Fisher pressurized FSPR4 black ink medium point
Packaging: Galaxy gift box

*Note*      Casing is RAW UNFINISHED BRASS.

Over time, each pen will develop a unique patina as it responds to the environment, owner’s body chemistry.

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