Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen, Apricot Pearl

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Perfect for the start of spring, the Spring 2024 addition to the Kaweco Collection Range is a subtle shade of orange which changes to a pearly, shimmering green depending on the light. The gold elements match the warm appearance of the colour perfectly.  The packaging completes the overall design - the special paper imitates the visual effect of the pen, and makes the Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl an eye-catcher even when it is still packed. 

The pen is supplied with a Medium nib.


Kaweco COLLECTION is a range of approximately 6 special colours per year, which are released in addition to the standard ranges. Each release is only produced for 12 months. Kaweco COLLECTION features colours that match current trends, allowing Kaweco to explore new colour combinations without the need to conform to the look of a particular series.

Kaweco COLLECTION pens come in special colour-matched packaging, have "Kaweco Collection" branding on them, and are mostly fountain pens.

If a Kaweco COLLECTION colour proves to be super-popular, Kaweco may decide to make it a mainstream colour the following year (it hasn't happened yet).

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