Retro 51 Tornado Popper™, Day & Night Rollerball by Katy Klassman

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he latest Tornado Popper Day and Night is designed by pastel artist Katy Klassman and radiates with a dreamy, vibrant, Expressionist palette. Klassman designed this Tornado rollerball with a dramatic navy blue to orange ombre from the twist-top to the nose cone. The night sky flows down the pen barrel through the trees to the blossoms, creating a swirling and energetic current. This rollerball will invigorate and inspire you to take on the new year with gusto and moxie! Grab one of them today for plotting, planning, and dreaming up your year!

This is a limited-edition of 964 rollerballs with each number engraved on the top ring. Each one is packaged in a matching graphic tube.

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