Wronzoff’s Pullman 1/24 Model Car

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This car is from the 1956 French edition The Black Island. Here in this version, we have a Pullman rather than the Jaguar of the 1966 English edition. These revisions were made at the insistence of Methuen the English publishers.

Now both cars are superb, so we do not really need to worry. They also changed the names of the dastardly international forgers, Wronzoff becomes Puschov (so clever Leslie). We never get to know the name of the chap with the very Terry Thomas moustache, but poor Tintin is wedged between him and Wronzoff/Puschov! Oh yes and Snowy is clinging to the bumper at the back. 

Presented in a Perspex case, with design on it to highlight the adventure, and a brochure in French and English.

Materials: Painted metal with resin and plastic

Box dimensions: 28 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm

Scale: 1/24

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