Tom's Studio Mechanical Pencil, Ivy 0.7mm

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The main body of the pen is aluminium which takes away any excess weight that would result from the whole pen being brass.  This also means that you can choose between 5 beautiful shades to make your pen feel truly yours.

The mechanism is as reliable as they come.  It has a solid aluminium plunger that locates into a German made Schmidt DSM with a large capacity for lead and an all important and extremely satisfying *click*

Good to know:

  • The pen weighs 25g and measures 140mm x 10mm (at it's widest)
  • 0.7 lead size
  • 3 x HB leads are included in the pencil
  • Brass naturally patinas over time, you can choose to embrace this or give it a little polish to get it back to it's gleaming best.

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