Uni-ball - PIN, Fineliner Drawing Pen, Black

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Whether your a part-time doodler, full on artist or dedicated designer, when you take your practice seriously you need a quality instrument that delivers.

The uni-ball PIN is the pros choice. An excellent value drawing pen, it contains fade proof and water resistant Super Ink – great for when you need your creations to last.

Its solid, black pigment ink line is clear, clean and precise, which is why the PIN is loved by professional artists and illustrators, graphic artists, architects and amateur hobbyists alike. Ink is water resistant too so the pens be used with watercolour as the ink will not smudge when wet.

The wide range of nib sizes available in the PIN range mean you can create several line widths and perfect a range of techniques.

The nib is supported and protected by steel meaning the PIN drawing pens are long-lasting and will not be damaged from use with stencils.

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