À L'aise Iron Gall Calligraphy Ink Bottle

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Handmade in their Devon studio, this calligraphy ink follows a medieval recipe with a modern twist, and is the perfect black ink for modern calligraphy. Unlike old school Iron Gall ink this one won't erode the nib, because the adicity has been altered by powdered egg shell to balance the PH.

It is a water based ink. Therefor, if the ink is too thick you can add a drop of water to dilute it, but if it is too thin you can leave the lid off overnight to allow it to evaporate slightly. 

The shimmer can settle over time, because of the natural mica used, so will need to be shaken or mixed before use. It's also a good idea to wipe the lid and jar clean after use to avoid the lid sticking. 

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