Filed Notes, Fall 2023 Quarterly Edition, Birch Bark

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The 60th Quarterly Limited Edition, for Fall 2023, is “Birch Bark.” It’s as simple, elegant, and austere as its name-sake tree. The genus Betula is known for its white, papery bark, evoked here by speckled 110# Mohawk Loop “Snow” cover stock, heavily debossed with just a hint of warm gray. 

Bright green birch leaves turn radiant yellow in the autumn. When the leaves are gone in the winter, with snow on the ground, a birch stand becomes colorless, a perfect subject for dreamy black-and-white photos. These three seasonal stages are echoed in the green, yellow, and black staples of the books in each 3-Pack, and also in the graph colours of the 60# Finch Opaque body paper.

Memo book dimensions are 89mm × 140mm.

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