Fisher Space Pen Set, Tahitian Ballpoint with Leather Case

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The Fisher Space Pens range was designed for use in Space. When astronauts began to explore the reaches of outer space, Paul Fisher realised that there was no existing pen that could perform in its extreme temperatures. Countless experiments and a common-sense approach to findings resulted in the invention of the sealed and pressurized Fisher Space Pens ink cartridge and in 1967, after 18 months of rigorous testing by NASA, the Space Bullet Pen was selected for use by astronauts.

Fisher Space Pens are built for more than just outer space. The fact is, due to the patented sealed and pressurised ink cartridge, they will write in just about any condition and on almost any surface. Underwater or over-grease, extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 F/-35 to +121 C), they write at any angle or even floating in a gravity-free zone. It doesn’t matter, our pens will perform. Our sealed and pressurised ink cartridges last three times longer than the average pen with an estimated 100-year shelf life and really are the most advanced writing instrument in the world. This ensures the range is ideal for everyone from golfers to architects.

Pen Details

  • Compact design
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Sealed, pressurized cartridge means it will write three times longer than an average ballpoint pen
  • Refills in Blue available here or in Black here.

Key Features

Composition: Brass with chrome plating
Finish: Chrome
Length: Open – 13.5cm / Closed – 9.5cm
Cartridge: Fisher pressurized FSPR4 black ink medium point

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