Complimencils, HB Pencil Set

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Complimencils by USTUDIO Design are set of six HB pencils to remind you just how worthy and magnificent you are! Everybody loves a compliment! Unfortunately, sometimes people forget to shower them on you, despite your obvious glowing perfection. That's where these guys come in - they will give you the compliment you deserve every time you reach for them. They're packaged in a compact little gift box which means they're also great as a stationery gift for someone who will appreciate the sentiment. The slogans on the Complimencils pencil set are:

  • Outrageously cool
  • This person is magnificent
  • Possibly a genius
  • Lighting up the room, as always
  • Just about perfect
  • Wonderful human

Also worth noting:

  • Box of six pre-sharpened HB pencils
  • Square pencils with six different 'complimentary' slogans - square is the new hex!
  • Natural wood with colour dipped ends
  • Made in the UK

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