Demotivational, HB Pencil Set

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Demotivational Pencils by USTUDIO Design are set of six HB pencils which serve as a downbeat reminder that working life is actually devoid of hope. But at least these little cynics deliver that message with humour! A pencil set that defines the sarcastic British sense of humour - no matter how bad things are, they can always be worse. They're packaged in a bright and colourful gift box which means they're great as a stationery gift for someone who appreciates ironic humour. The slogans on the Demotivational pencils are:

  • False hope is better than no hope
  • Do your best. Or don't, whatever
  • Be prepared. Always have an excuse
  • Teamwork means sharing the blame
  • Mistakes are stepping stones to failure
  • Think positive. Not everyone hates you

Also worth noting:

  • Box of six pre-sharpened HB pencils
  • Square pencils with six different 'demotivational' slogans - square is the new hex!
  • Natural wood with colour dipped ends
  • Made in the UK

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