Rascally Friencils, HB Pencil Set

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Rascally Friencils by USTUDIO Design are set of six HB pencils offering up the kind of advice that might just get you into a scrape. We all have a friend like this - they're your solid buds for sure, but the kind of friend that's unlikely to bail you out of prison because they're likely to be in the cell with you. Rascally Friencils are packaged in a bright and colourful little box which means they're great as a stationery gift for someone who will appreciate the sentiment. The slogans on the Rascally Friencils pencil set are:

  • Don't worry, someone else will do it
  • If you've nothing nice to say, make it funny
  • Just look innocent, no-one will know
  • Work naps are the best naps
  • Have you seen the time? It's beer o'clock
  • Eat all the cake

Also worth noting:

  • Box of six pre-sharpened HB pencils
  • Square pencils with six different 'rascally' slogans - square is the new hex!
  • Natural wood with colour dipped ends
  • Made in the UK

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