Smart Lunaspin Lamp, 12cm

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Discover the Smart LunaSpin Lamp, an exquisite blend of elegance and innovative technology.

 These lamps showcase 3D-printed globes that  appear to seamlessly float above a robust walnut base, creating an alluring and sophisticated ambiance. The globes are interactive, changing between three calming light colors—warm, cool white, and warm white—with a simple tap, allowing you to set the mood to your preference.


A standout feature of these lamps is their ability to rotate autonomously, presenting an enchanting display of perpetual motion or to remain stationary as desired. This adaptability provides a customizable experience, whether you are looking for a lively centerpiece or a peaceful accent in your room.


The lamps are powered by a novel magnetic wireless charging mechanism, offering a sleek, wire-free aesthetic. The wooden base, charged via a USB-C cable, supports an impressive 12–15-hour battery life, blending functionality with artistic design.

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