Iromekuri Sticker Fan

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Designed to look like a colour chart for paint colours, these sets include beautiful colourful translucent stickers. Each colour selection is a sticker, and each sticker has a colour number printed under it like a real paint chart.

The stickers can be used on their own to highlight or colour-code your notebook, or layered to create blended colours! Each set has a unifying colour theme, so all of the colours look good together.


  • This set includes 32 colours with 3 stickers of each colour, for a total of 96 stickers.
  • The stickers are 2.2 cm x 4.5 cm.
  • The sticker fan is 4.5 cm x 16.0 cm x 0.7 cm.
  • The sticker fan has a clear plastic front cover and sturdy chipboard backing.
  • The sticker fan comes packaged in a resealable ziplock pouch.

Note: Pencils, ballpoint pens, and permanent markers work best for writing on these stickers.

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