Judgy Fish Sticker Book for Adults

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Adults like stickers, too! We just (unfortunately) don't have trapper keepers to put them on anymore. That's why Brass Monkey made this - a book of stickers designed to be used.

This book of Judgy Fish is here to do what you can't - mercilessly judge all of the people, places, and inanimate objects around you. They're perfect for bar tabs, tax bills, and, well, life.

Features a wide range of judgy fish (sourced from vintage illustrations) with even judgier comments. Includes 18 pages of traditional over-sized stickers (and 2 bonus pages of vintage-inspired ‘puffy' ones). Each page features as many stickers as can be physically crammed onto it (sorry to be so technical). That's 60+ over-sized stickers, in case you're counting.

The overall book measures 101mm x 152mm.

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