Kaweco Skyline Sport Collection, Mellow Blue

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The Kaweco Collection starts the summer breezily light. Dressed in a touch of pastel blue, this Sport model is made from high-quality plastic, with fresh silver-plated accents. The beautiful Mellow Blue colour creates a feeling of freedom, and unleashes limitless creativity, imitating the infinite blue summer sky. The Kaweco Collection Mellow Blue fountain pen creates the perfect atmosphere for capturing innovative ideas in peace and harmony. 

The Kaweco Sport range is the perfect pocket size pen for everyday use. Closed it measures a mere 10.5cm, but with the cap posted it lengthens to 13.5cm.

The Skyline version features an all chrome trim which includes a chrome cap-end bearing the Kaweco logo and chrome writing down the side of the cap which is a screw-fit. The pen is topped off with a chrome plated steel nib and iridium tip.

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