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The Lamy Lx is available in five metallic finishes; Marron, Gold, Rose Gold, Ruthenium and Palladium. Each pen comes with a matching metal case. 

Fountain Pen

The body is made from anodised aluminium which makes it very robust, and the metal details and clip are refined by using a colour-matched precious metal. The fountain pen also features a unique black stainless steel nib with a unique design that is polished, PVD coated and laser cut. Cartridges found here.


The body of the rolerball is also made from anodised aluminium. It also features the refined matching metal details and clip, similar to the fountain pen. It takes a Lamy M63 Rollerball refill that is available in various colours. M63 refills available here.


Like the Rollerball and Fountain Pen, the body is made from adonised aluminiuom and has the refined matching clip and metal details. It has a transparent grip and a spring loaded mechanism that takes the M16 refill. M16 refills available here

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