Lamy Al Star Glossy Red Edition Fountain Pen with Notebook

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Lamy presents a special edition with an unusual colour combination. The highlight of the special model: an orange-coloured ink guide that flashes through a transparent grip piece
in neon yellow. For maximum colour brilliance, the body of the LAMY AL-star glossy red fountain pen is treated with a fine layer of clear lacquer - for a rich, shiny red of the highest intensity and colour depth.

The colour effect of the grip section and the ink tube comes into its own best with inks similar in colour to orange, yellow or red tones - such as the special colour mango, which is
included. For all those who prefer ink in classic colours such as blue or black, the LAMY AL-star glossy red has an alternative grip section with a black ink tube, also included, along with a matching noteboo in Red and Neon yellow.  The notebook features the distinctive Lamy ruling, register markings in various shades of neon from yellow to red, red page cut, bookmarks in neon yellow and neon orange as well as a red rubber loop for the LAMY AL-star glossy red, an elastic closure band and folding pockets in the cover.

The LAMY AL-star glossy red set comes in a red gift box, the pen and the spare nib feed are both supplied with fine nibs. 

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