Makers Cabinet Ferrule Pencil Extender

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Ferrule is a pencil holder which simultaneously takes the best features of pencil extenders, the most cherishable attributes of premium pen design, and the thoughtfulness of mechanical pencils to create a statement work of art that will minimise wastage throughout your work.

The mechanism was inspired by machining collets, a proven and robust engineering tool used to grip milling bits of varying diameters

Ferrule is made from solid brass and steel. The pencils are made from PEFC Certified Incense Cedar and the erasers are TPU rubber. The packaging is made of card and is 100% recyclable.

Ferrule is designed to last a lifetime. The mechanism has been tested for over 10,000 cycles and each material and component has been has been designed to work together cohesively for generations

– Holds 7-8mm diameter pencils

– Comes with three 25mm extendable erasers

– Includes three HB and three 2B incense cedar pencils made in Japan.

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