Museum Bums Notecards & Envelopes

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A celebration of classical art, history, and shapely derrieres, Museum Bums Notecards are sure to get any recipient giggling. From the lusciously rendered bottoms of Renaissance painting to the abstract curves of contemporary art, these sixteen all-occasion notecards are a sight to behind behold!

Send the finest rear ends in museum history to friends and family, or even keep for yourself. Heritage scholars and art educators Mark Small and Jack Shoulder pair lively captions with captivating depictions of tasteful-and sometimes cheeky-bums in art. The result is both a celebration and study of the bounty of beautiful bums and their everlasting impressions.

These silly and lightly naughty notecards are sure to delight recipients! A unique and captivating notecards and envelopes set that's perfect for gifting.

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