UNI-Posca PC-3M Fine 8 Pack

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The fine 0.9mm to 1.2mm tip of this pack of 8 Posca paint markers is perfect for fine and work. Versatile and vibrant, the PC-3M fine bullet tip can be enjoyed by artists, crafters and customisers alike. 
POSCA paint markers are an excellent multi-surface, creative pen
Fine bullet tip paint marker containing water-based pigment ink which is lightfast, water resistant and will write on almost any surface
Its steady line and solid colour gives you the power to customise, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you
Suitable for metal, plastic and wood – spray with clear varnish to make permanent
Shades are mixable while the paint is wet and overlay colours on top of one another when they dry
Permanent and bleed-proof on paper and card (as it absorbs into the fibres), and can be made permanent on terracotta, porcelain and glass by baking for 45 minutes (220°C - 160°C) and spraying with clear varnish
Textiles – iron on reverse to make permanent

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