Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen , Japanese Fairy Tales

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This limited edition  series of pens is inspired by Japanese fairy tales that take place in four different seasons

All pens are in sparkly resin and have a 14ct Gold medium fine nib, and are supplied in a lovely gift box with a converter.

The Dragon Palace (Sea Green) represents Spring and is a tale of an undersea Palace, a turtle and the brave fishermen who rescue the turtle. 

The Vega (Dark Blue) represents Summer and tells the tale of two lovers, Vega and Altair represented by the stars that Vega travels through to meet his love.

The Princess Kaguya (Red) represents Autumn and is the tale of a Princess from the Moon. The red is the colour of her clothes. 

The Grateful Crane (Light Blue) represents Winter and tells the story of a poor farmer who is rewarded for helpinga an injured crane,


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