Pukka Project Book, B5

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The Pukka project book is perfect for anyone who has a million projects on the go at once and needs help organising them. The project book includes 10 multi-coloured dividers that are repositionable, meaning you can strategically place the dividers per subject or topic. Each project book is B5 in size, measuring 18.1 cm x 25.7 cm, making them brilliant for school and university as they will fit into your backpacks and school bags with ease.

Each project book has 400 pages of 80 GSM high-quality FSC certified paper that is perforated for easy removal. The project book features a durable protective translucent cover that can be wiped clean, this ensures your notes stay in tip-top condition and you are staying covid compliant. 

These project books are great for students and working professionals who like to structure their notes individually. 

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