Horrid Henry and the Confiscation Cupboard Chaos, An Escape Room in an Envelope

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Immerse yourself into Horrid Henry’s word of dastardly detentions and mega mischief in this wickedly wonderful game.

Horrid Henry needs your help! Miss Battle-Axe has only gone and confiscated his Special Spinner yoyo! Here’s the challenge… get into the Confiscation Cupboard and get Henry’s stuff back! Simple, eh? Nope, Miss Oddbod has stepped up security and now there’s a whole set of puzzles that have to be solved to find the code that will open the cupboard. There are 8 puzzles to solve and each puzzle will give you part of the passcode needed to help Henry…

Players: 1-2 | Age: 7-10 | Time: 30-40 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

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