STABILO Climate-neutral* Fountain Pen, Grow

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The STABILO Grow design and development team have taken up the challenge of making the most sustainable STABILO fountain pen without compromising on design, function or quality.

The result is amazing: The STABILO Grow is not only our most planet-friendly fountain pen, but also a nature-inspired design piece. Its smooth lines combined with natural colours and wooden shaft (oak, beech or cherry) ensure that Grow has just the right grip, feel and glide without any smudges or scratches whatsoever.
Above all it's eco-friendly: The climate-neutral* fountain pen which reduces plastic consumption and carbon footprint due to the use of renewable raw materials such as wood, cellulose and sunflower seed hulls.
  • Climate-neutral* product
  • Shaft made from 100% FSC®-certified wood from Germany
  • Ergonomic grip zone made from 100% bio-plastics based on renewable raw materials
  • Cap: conventional plastic partially replaced by natural fibers (sunflower seed hulls)
  • The renewable raw materials we use are waste products from the food and paper industry that are ethically sound
  • Three types of wood with typical colour and tip: Oak, beech, cherry, surface oiled with linseed oil
  • High qualtity writing system with stainless steel nib with iridium tip ensures soft writing feel without scratches, and maximum leakage protection
  • Contains a standard royal-blue, erasable-ink cartridge
  • *By using renewable materials approx. 70% of CO2 is saved in the raw material compared to conventional plastic, offsetting of remaining CO2 emissions with certified climate protection projects.

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