Staedtler Pigment Art Calligraphy Pens

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  • High-quality fibre-tip pens with calligraphy nib and the innovative Multi Ink
  • Multi Ink: premium pigments, extreme lightfastness, exceptional colour brilliance, smudge-free overpainting once the ink has dried, no ghosting, no bleeding, for almost all surfaces, permanent, waterproof
  • Lightfastness of each colour classified in accordance with blue wool scale and grey scale (DIN EN ISO 105-B01, DIN 16525, DIN EN 20105-A02)
  • Colour fidelity on a wide range of surfaces, even after long exposure to light
  • Fast-drying on almost all surfaces
  • Erase proof on most surfaces
  • Water-based, low-odour ink
  • Line width approx. 2.0 mm
  • For thin and thick lines
  • Ideal for artistic writing techniques like calligraphy
  • Particularly suitable for mixed media techniques
  • PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life
  • Housing made of 97% recycled plastic

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