Traveler's Company Notebook, Passport Size

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A passport size traveler's notebook that includes a cowhide cover that enhances the texture as you use it, and a simple notebook that uses original writing paper that is particular about ease of writing.

The passport size is easy to hold in your hand and take with you on travels.

Notebook includes blank pages, cotton dust bag, spare rubber band and comes in gift box. 

TRAVELER'S notebook has a leather cover that ages and becomes better with use, and the simple notebook is easy to use. Each leather cover is made by hand in Chiang Mai, northern city of Thailand. It appeals to its own raison d'etre by the simplicity; roughly cut leather and a rubber band with the clasp made of tin. The inside notebook is made in Japan carefully and has original MD Paper made to pursue the highest comfort in writing. After using for a long time when the leather quality changes and scratched remain as your memories, this notebook will be more precious than ever to you.

Of course, it is a notebook for spending every day as if traveling.

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