Uni-ball PIN Fineliner Drawing Pen, Draw and Sketch Set, 8pc

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This artist pen pack contains eight black fine tip pens ranging in nib size from a super fine 0.05 to a plump 1.2mm tip. The 0.05 tip is great for delicate detailing, while the 0.1 nib creates strong, slender line. The 0.3 nib is makes clear, precise marks while the robust 0.5 tip and 0.8 tips is ideal for definitions. The PIN’s 1.0 and 1.2 tips make heavy outlines and solid colour blocking. All nibs are great when shading, stippling, layering, and hatching.

The uni-ball PIN is the pros choice. An excellent artist pen, it contains fade proof and water resistant Super Ink. Its solid pigment ink line is clear, clean and precise, which is why the PIN is loved by professional artists and illustrators, graphic artists and architects. The ink is water resistant too so the pens can be used with watercolour and will not smudge when wet. 

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