Visconti Medici Golden Black Oversize Fountain Pen

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Visconti have produced this super-luxe fountain pen from 'acrosilk'; a compound of acrylic resin and silk fibres. The result is that the hand-crafted barrel of this pen has a luminescent effect not dissimilar to antique celluloid, with swirls of gold through the black barrel.

The pen is a tribute to the Medici dynasty, and a nod to Visconti's Florentine roots. Like all Visconti pens it is a celebration of the decorative and ornate. No detail is overlooked; from an 8 faceted barrel to match the Florentine baptistery, to a lilly emblem engraved on the centre band of the pen.

The pen comes fitted with an 18kt yellow gold medium nib, and has a double resevoir 'power-fill' system, meaning the pen vacuum fills straight from an ink bottle.  The 'hook safe' bayonet style cap closure, and gold plated fittings and trim finish the pen perfectly.


Length Pen Only: 140mm

Length Cap Closed: 150mm

Length Cap Posted: 175mm

Barrel Diameter: 15mm

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