Ystudio Sketching Pencil Black, 2mm

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This sketching pencil takes a 2.0mm pencil lead. The solid brass crafted barrel provides a good balance and stability in your hand. It’s a reliable tool during your work or leisure time.

Simple, black, with a hint of metal. With the pen’s spiral exposed on top, the designers of YSTUDIO combine the mechanics of a pen with the distinctive looks of the series. Due to its heavy material, the pen is sure to provide stability while writing. Due to its unusual looks, it will become something to hold on to.

You can create a personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with sanding paper which is attached in the product’s package.

Material: Brass
Dimension: 11 x 11 x 157 mm
Weight: 43g
Leads: 2.0 mm

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