Tomoe River Notebook, Softcover Plain, A5 White, 52 g/m2

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Tomoe River paper has long been celebrated for its unparalleled smoothness and remarkably lightweight characteristics. While conventional notebooks typically employ paper with weights ranging from 80g to 100g, Tomoe River defies the norm by offering a paper weight of just 52g. Despite its thinness, this paper has earned a reputation for its exceptional compatibility with fountain pen ink.


Tomoe River paper excels in showcasing ink attributes like sheen and shading, all while keeping bleed-through to an absolute minimum. This makes it a dream canvas for fountain pen enthusiasts and calligraphy artists alike.


With a paper weight of just 52gsm—half the thickness of standard copy paper—this notebook remains incredibly lightweight without compromising on quality. Despite its thinness, the paper is highly resistant to bleeding through and feathering, making it the ideal choice for both fountain pen and ink pen users.


  • Made in Japan
  • Cover : Soft Cover
  • Weight : 52g/m²
  • Regulating : Plain
  • Paper colour :White
  • Size : A5
  • Pages : 160 Pages 

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