Tomoe River Loose Sheets, Plain A4 Cream, 52 g/m2

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Tomoe River FP paper has gained a dedicated following for its unique characteristics, particularly among fountain pen and calligraphy enthusiasts. Its extremely smooth texture and unique 52gsm weight make it a one-of-a-kind paper that's not only pleasant to write on but also showcases the properties of fountain pen ink exceptionally well.

Smooth Surface:
The paper offers a uniquely smooth writing experience that allows your fountain pen to glide effortlessly across the page. This is a key factor in minimizing feathering and bleed-through.

52gsm Weight:
Though relatively lightweight, this paper is designed to be incredibly durable. The 52gsm weight ensures that while the paper is thin and light, it still maintains enough structure to resist bleed-through and ghosting to a significant extent.

Tomoe River FP paper is known for bringing out the best in fountain pen ink. The paper showcases the sheen, shimmer, and color variation that many fountain pen inks offer, providing a vivid and engaging writing experience.

Available in A4 Size:
The rebirth of this paper in a convenient A4 size makes it even more versatile for various writing projects, from journaling to professional note-taking.

Color Choices:
The paper is available in two colors: white and cream, which allows users to choose according to their specific needs or preferences.

Perfect for Calligraphy:
The smoothness of the paper also benefits calligraphy, as it allows for clean, crisp lines, helping to make every stroke of your artwork look impeccable.

Loose Sheet Availability:
The paper's new availability in loose sheets enhances its adaptability. Whether you're compiling a custom notebook or binding your work, the loose sheets give you greater flexibility in how you use this remarkable paper.

So, whether you're a fountain pen aficionado, a calligraphy artist, or someone who simply enjoys the act of writing, Tomoe River FP paper offers an incomparable experience that enhances the joy of putting pen to paper.


  • Made in Japan
  • Weight : 52g/m²
  • Regulating : Blank
  • Paper color : Cream
  • Size : A4
  • Sheets : 100 sheets (200 pages)

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