Fisher Space Pen Refills, Black

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The Fisher Space Pen pressurized refill will fit all Fisher Space Pens except the multi-action pens (FQ4)

  • Sealed pressurized ink cartridge
  • Measures 89mm
  • Performs in temperatures from -20ºC to +200ºC
  • Writes underwater, on wet paper and over grease
  • Writes at any angle, even upside down!
  • Writes in the gravity-free vacuum of space
  • Will never dry out
  • Includes an adapter to make it suitable for pens using Parker ballpoint refills
  • Each cartridge should write for more than 3,000 meters depending on style/surface
  • Suitable for everyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument

Point Sizes

  • Fine contains a 0.9mm Ball
  • Medium contains a 1.1mm Ball
  • Bold contains a 1.3mm Ball

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